Sewing Classes for Kids


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Tuesdays 430 Pm - 6 Pm.

Ages 10 and up✔
Girls & Boys ✔
Small classes for intimate learning ✔

Located in Barrie
The Welham Center

Our Sewing Fashion Club includes learning all the basics of sewing with a sewing machine, learning different stitches, buttons, patches, pockets and so much more! 🔥
We encourage all kids. Kids with sewing experience and kids without any. 👍

This course will include making products like home decor, bags, clothing, and accessories 🧵

Fall  Courses runs
Sept 14 - Nov 2 2021 Beginner $249 Plus Taxes

Nov 16 to Dec 28, 2021, Advanced $299 Plus Taxes

All kids will receive a certificate of completion 🏆

* You will be led and taught by an amazing instructor.

* You will have one on one opportunities.

* All Machines and Materials included in the fees.

* An awesome lineup of products that you will get to make.

* Products will include Home Décor, Housewares, Clothing, Accessories,   Bags, Costumes, and so much more.

* How to Take Body Measurements

* Select Sewing Patterns - Trace - Cut - Adjust - Follow

* How to Use a Sewing Machine - A Serger in The Advanced Classes

* Learn different types of Fabrics - Textures 


** How to apply Vinyl to finished Products ADVANCED CLASSES

** Sublimation  (High-Temperature Heat Press) ADVANCED CLASSES

Our Mission is to be sure that all of our students succeed. To be sure that everyone is learning and starting at the right level. If you have never sewn before or have done very little sewing you would join up as a beginner. If you have experience sewing of at least 1 year and have used a sewing serger machine then we would recommend signing up in our advanced class. All students that pass a course will be given a Certificate of Completion.

Fashion and Design is our passion. Manufacturing, Producing, and Providing Jobs in Canada is our Mission.


Please be sure to fill out your application at the same time as making payment. 

Email us at

We will send you the application to fill out.


We are located in Barrie, Ontario

149 Welham Road unit 23 

Canadian Toggle Fashion House