Men's Organic Cotton Tencel Boxer-Briefs




Our Men's Organic Tencel Soft Boxer Briefs. These underwear have been designed to keep every man comfortable. 🌿

With the perfect fit ball pouch, no seams, and a luxurious so soft, so light on the skin touch.


  • Ball Pouch for friction-free comfort
  • Non-chafing Seams
  • Three-D Fit Design 
  • Soft, so soft! 
  • Moisture control and anti-bacterial fabric with a cooling feel.
  • Fabric tested for chemicals and rated OEKO-Tex 100 Standard for skin safety.

You will feel like your wearing nothing at all. So get ready to feel naked 💯

We have these in Reg and Tall sizes. The Tall size fit is a Higher Waist Design for the man with a longer torso.

The difference between Reg and Tall in height is 1.5" 

What is Tencel you ask?

Lyocell, better known as Tencel, is a fiber made from the wood pulp of trees (eucalyptus) that are grown and replaced on specialized tree farms. Unlike most cellulosic fabrics, Tencel is produced using recyclable, Earth-friendly solvents. When blended with cotton, Tencel adds wrinkle-resistance and the lustrous feel of silk.

**Benefits of Tencel on the Body and Earth**

Tencel has the highest rating of OEKO-TEX 100 for fabric safety and sustainability. Feel assured there are no harsh chemicals or fire retardants in this intimate line.

Tencel Fabric is made through a closed-loop system of reusing water and solvents to make this Eucalyptus wood-based fiber. Tencel is bioDegradable at the end of its life but the strength of the fabric will keep the fit for as long as you wear it in normal use.

Tencel feels cool to the touch, almost like soft stretchy silk. It is breathable and moisture-wicking with a luxurious shape and fit.

We listened to our Men. 💯
Took all of their feedback, listened to their requests.
Designed these just for them.

We made sure that we were going to provide them with the best pair of underwear they will ever wear. 🎶🎶🎶

"Music to my ears"
said James 🔥

Awesome Colors, Soft Waistband. Perfect Sizing.

The best part is, it is made from Organic Sustainable Materials.
Saving the planet and one man at a time. 🌍

To all the men out there we Promise, these will not rub you the wrong way 😉