Filter Packs of 10

$4.00 $5.50

Filters "Packs of 10"   

Packs of Filters can only be ordered if You've purchased a minimum of 1 Mask.

Maximum 3 Packs of filters per mask.

Filters are 8"x 2.5" they can be used with our Adjustable or Elastic Mask.

Filter Materials have been tested and when used with a Cotton Mask have high-Filtration rates for 0.3 micron sized particles. Using this filter with our mask gives you 4 layers of protection. Our Filters are cut from Blue Shop Towel Material. We Support Social distancing and we are Team Mask.

Science has not proven that wearing a cotton mask protects you from getting Covid but mask protect us from spreading our germs on other people. Just imagine if everyone wore a mask. More and more businesses, store fronts are asking its customers to wear a mask. More transportation and Governments are suggesting we wear mask when out in public or on transit while social distancing. 

The filters are throw away's and we suggest changing them regularly.

However our Mask are Washable and Reusable. 

Each Mask we sell we provide 1 Filter. 

This Pack of 10 Filters DOES NOT INCLUDE A MASK 

A Mask must be purchased separately. 


NON Medical Filters "Caution there is no scientific proof as of yet that either materials protects you from Covid. Our Cotton Mask or Our Filters. However a Mask along with a Filter gives you 4 layers of protection from you spreading your germs. A Mask, a filter and Social Distancing is what we recommend.