Cotton Face Mask - Solid Colours - The Canadian Toggle

$13.00 $15.00


**All Of Our Adult Mask Come with a 10 Pack of Disposable Filters and 2 Nose Adjusters**

*Nose adjusters easily slide through a nose channel at the top of the interior, hidden inside of the mask* Allowing you to find the perfect fit.

All of Our Canadian Toggle Masks offer a triple layer solution with a 10 pack of disposable hydroknit filters. Giving you the option of 4 layers. For additional protection against droplet transmission.

All masks come with the CANADIAN TOGGLE (Patent/Trademark Pending) making our masks adjustable and flexible so ANYONE can wear them comfortably.


Washable & Breathable Face Mask

  • Adult Sizing: One size fits all
  • Kids Sizes are 2-10 years old

FREE Shipping to Canada & US 

  • Unique 3D Shape for comfort and fit for a fully-adjustable mask
  • 100% Cotton Face Mask - 3 Layers Plus Filter Pocket
  • Each mask comes individually packaged with an instruction card on how to hand wash the mask.
  • Our instruction cards also include the specs of the mask and all of our company information.
  • Our Canadian Toggle also allows for you to wear the toggle around your neck. Provides easy on and off convenience. 
  • Each mask includes a wire nose, keeping your mask nice and secure around your nose and mouth. 
  • No Foggy Glasses 
  • Triple Layer Protection
  • One size fits all
  • Includes a Filter Pocket - Every mask comes with 1 disposable filter. 
  • (You May Purchase more separately)
  • Adjustable Toggle - adjusting to the comfort of your face and head shape. Our toggle is a quick slider. Incredibly easy and won't hurt your ears!
  • Incredibly comfortable

Our Canadian Toggle also allows you to wear the toggle in several ways, including around your neck, making it incredibly easy and convenient when putting your mask on and off!

Processed in 1 to 3 Days!

Not for medical use