Cotton Face Mask 4 Layer Snug Fit Corporate Business Logo


Cotton Face Mask Washable and Reusable.

Our mask is 4 layers when you use the filter.

We can create Your Corporate Business Logo on our Canadian Toggle Adjustable Mask. You Can choose to have graphics/logo on one side of the mask or both sides.

The Minimum Order is 25 Mask.

With a minimum order of 25 you will receive your mask for:

1 Sided Logo $15 Each.

If you are ordering 50 or more please contact us for an additional discount 


Best Ways to Test Your Mask for best results...

1) Hold it up to bright light. “If light passes really easily through the fibers and you can almost see the fibers, it’s not a good fabric. If it’s a denser weave of thicker material and light doesn’t pass through it as much, that’s the mask you want to use.”

2) Are the masks your buying made out of quilters cotton? Using the best Cotton materials is important.

3) Thread Counts are very important this is why our company chooses to use the best Cotton on the market. Quilters Cotton. Our Thread counts range from 600 - 680 depending on Solid color and or Print.


That is what you Need in a Really Good Face Mask.

OUR MASK Have You Covered Tested and in Top Performer Category.

Our Masks Pass all the TEST!

FREE SHIPPING CANADA & U.S.A when you spend $50 or more.

**All Of Our Adult Mask Come with 2 Nose Adjusters**

*Nose adjusters easily slide through a nose channel at the top of the interior, hidden inside of the mask* Allowing you to find the perfect fit.

Once you have placed your order.

You will want to email your logo to Please include your order number in your email. Also, let our team know if you want your logo on the left or right side of the mask. You will receive an email from our creative team if we have any questions. You will receive a phone call once your order is complete and shipped out or available for pick up if that is what you selected.

When sending us your logo, the most ideal image type is a vector le. Vector le extensions include: .AI, .EPS, .SVG and occasionally. PDF. You may not be able to open these files on your computer, but don’t worry, we can.


 About The Canadian Toggle

What is so popular about The Toggle?  It allows you to wear the toggle around your neck. Provides easy on and off convenience. These are great options for people who need to wear one all day, but not necessarily on their face all the time. 

Each mask comes individually packaged and each package includes instruction cards on how to hand wash the mask. Our instruction cards also include the specs of the mask and all of our company's information.

You can also view our video on our About page that shows you the best way to wash your mask.

  • Solid Colors 100% Cotton 
  • Each Mask is Individually packaged
  • Triple Layer Protection (3 Layers of 100% Cotton) **Health Canada Recommended**
  • Our Adjustable mask is a 3D Snug Shape for comfort and proper fit
  • Cotton Mask are layered giving you 3 layers of protection plus an extra layer if you use your filters. That means 4 layers of protection
  • Filter Pockets provide you an option of using filters
  • Canadian Toggle is Excited to announce that we now have Polypropylene Mask Filters in Stock. All Masks are packaged with one filter. 
  • All masks are Washable & Reusable
  • Our Adjustable Nose Bars make our masks Breathable and prevent foggy glasses.
  • Many Colors
  • One Size fits all
  • The Toggle allows for easy on/off motion and can be hung around your neck for easy access.
  • Super soft and Comfortable.

    Want to see how The Toggle works?

    Check out our video on the Home Page

    Not for medical use
    *Ship Now For FREE CANADA & USA*

    NON-Medical Face Masks

    Hwear Plus Inc. The Canadian Toggle supports and promotes social distancing. Encourages hand washing regularly and says to use hand sanitizer when in shared common areas. If you are unable to social distance please wear a face covering.


    Processed 3 to 7 Days!

    Depending on Quantity. 

    If you are ordering 100 or more masks Please email us as you will qualify for a discounted rate. We will provide you a code before you order. Send your info to us with the amount you want to purchase. Email us at 

    *Your Logo may be shared in photos for our website or google ads and/any post.*

    We love to share all the Brilliant Logos and Graphic work that our Supporting Businesses take pride in, along with our hard work of branding face masks for them!