Easy Breather Mask - 2 PACK

$39.49 $44.00

Love our Design, Comfort and Extra Protection.

Canadian Toggle is Excited to announce that we now have Polypropylene Mask Filters in Stock. All Masks packaged with one filter. These filters are washable.

Ideal for people with asthma, anxiety, and claustrophobia.

Check out our Canadian Toggle Shield TM  Patent Pending Adjustable Style.

Our 100% Cotton Canadian Toggle shield is a triple layer. This product was made for those of us that do not like feeling or can not feel closed in.

We designed this to work the same way a Face Shield works but it's Cloth!

It lays flat and long on the front of the face. Leaving more breathing room.

This Canadian Shield includes our filter pocket, comes with 1 washable filter per mask, and 2 nose adjusters. You can choose to use it or not. Our design includes a nose slit hidden on the inside of the mask that you can easily just slide in the nose adjuster. 

We believe everyone deserves to be in a Mask! Comfortably! 

 These Canadian Toggle Shields come in Awesome Colors!


NON-Medical Face Masks

Hwear Plus Inc. The Canadian Toggle supports and promotes social distancing. Encourages hand washing regularly and says use hand sanitizer when in shared common areas. If you are unable to social distance please wear a face covering.