Canadian Toggle Neck Gaiter AWESOME Prints

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Our Canadian Toggle Neck Gaiter is Popular for our customers that are not comfortable in a Mask. These Awesome Fun Prints were chosen by our Creation Team. 

Keeping it Fun & Fashionable! 

100% Cotton Soft. Nose, Mouth and Chin covered by 2 Layers of 100% Cotton. Breathable, Washable and Comfortable. Popular By Demand Prints In Stock!!

Men or Ladies. Great Option Face Coverings for Students.

Choose Your Favorite Print!

O/S Fits All 

Processed in 1 to 3 Days!

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NON-Medical Face Masks

Hwear Plus Inc. The Canadian Toggle supports and promotes social distancing. Encourages hand washing regularly and says use hand sanitizer when in shared common areas. If you are unable to social distance please wear a face covering.