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We are a Canadian company, working, and making our products in Barrie, Ontario. All Of our products are designed and manufactured in house. 

The Industries we are proud to be leading in.

Health and Organic Eco-Friendly Industry

The Fashion Industry

The E-Commerce Industry

The Media Industry

The Teaching Industry

Arts & Cultural Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Distribution and Fulfillment Industry


The Women behind our Canadian Company.                                                    We are at our best around Nature, Water and Good People.

Everyone knows our company started with a mask mission. Almost everyone knows that we designed and manufacturer the Best Beard Mask on the Market. What we want everyone to know is what we have been up to since then! 

Watch Our Video all about the behind the scenes and our manufacturing teams. Learn about where we started and how fast we grew!


A very large part of our company is manufacturing and distribution. These departments grew from 12 employees to teams of over 60 people employed under our company umbrella. People that needed jobs. People that saw the vision. People that wanted the mission.

Creative, motivated people, mostly all women. Unfortunately they all lost their jobs or their small businesses and they were forced to close due to covid19. 98% of our company are women.

Our Founder, President and CEO is a Woman and the story of her and how this company came about can be found here. CLICK HERE

Our Lead Designer is a Woman her story and her role can be found here. CLICK HERE

Our Head of HR and Operations is a Woman her story and her role can be found here. CLICK HERE

Our Manufacturing Manager is a Woman her story and her role can be found here. CLICK HERE

Our Media and Community Relations Manager is a Woman her story and role can be found here. CLICK HERE

Our Distribution & Inventory Operations Manager is a Women her story and role can be found here. CLICK HERE

Our company is Canadian Proud. Our Women are Canadian Toggle Proud!


The best part about our company is that we have aligned ourselves with other awesome Canadian companies. We work alongside them and together we make great things happen for all involved companies growth. What comes with growth, the opportunity of helping more small Canadian companies and employing more people. To allow people to get into the creative space they want to be in. Canadian Toggle By Hwear Plus Inc. has been creating since March 2019 and we plan on creating for many many years to come.

The most important thing about our company and its reputation is that we all provide the best Canadian Customer Experience our customers have ever seen.

2021 Customers experience is different now. People want to feel connected especially now after being in so many lockdowns, with so many restrictions. They want to feel a personal connection to the items they purchase, the investments they make, the work they do , the people they spend time with. Even from their home computer or phone device. Connection is key. Knowing our customers, our clients what they want and need is what we always want to be providing.

In our most recent ventures we are now doing very exciting things in the Men's Grooming Products Industry, The Marijuana industries. Bringing both industries awesome new products to fulfill many retailers needs and wants for their customers best experience.

In the Fast Moving Woman's World we have aligned ourselves with some amazing Canadian designers and inventors and we are working together to bring women some pretty big solutions to some pretty big problems. We also have designed and manufacturer a very stunning collection of organic woman's intimate clothing including a sleepwear. This collection is made from organic cottons better known as TENCEL LYOCELL.

We want to take this time to let our customers and our clients know that we are grateful for the success of this company and our partnering companies. We are thankful to our customers and clients for believing in our Canadian Company and purchasing from our company or partnering companies. It is our customers and our clients who allow for our company to grow into a Bigger Greater Canadian Company. Supporting Canadian workers, Canadian Manufacturers, Distributors and Designers. 

We will continue to bring you great Canadian Products, Great Canadian Stories and Great Canadian Customer Experiences.


Canadian Style Canadian Success!


Contact Us If you are looking to get in touch with us about Manufacturing, Merchandise, Distribution, Media, Design or                                                       E-Commerce Platforms.

We would love to Create with You!

Stay Tuned for More from CANADIAN TOGGLE.