Beard Face Mask 4 Layers

$25.00 $26.99

Canadian Toggle Beard Face Mask 4 Layer Design.

Canada's manufacturer and designer of The Beard Mask


A 4 layer Face Mask when you use the filter. 

 The Canadian Toggle Mask offers a triple layer solution with an additional Filter Pocket* Plus Filter.

Providing 4 layers of protection.

(each mask comes with 1 filter) for protection against droplet transmission.

We Also Do Corporate Logos and Custom Graphics!

FOR LOGO ORDERS **Minimum order of 25 Mask**  

All masks come with the CANADIAN TOGGLE (Patent/Trademark Pending) making our masks adjustable and flexible so ANYONE can wear them comfortably.

If You choose to order your logo or special graphics on our mask. Please make sure once you submit your order here please email us your order number and your graphics. email us at

When sending us your logo, the most ideal image type is a vector le. Vector le extensions include: .AI, .EPS, .SVG and occasionally. PDF. You may not be able to open these files on your computer, but don’t worry, we can.


For HIGHER BULK ORDERS  Call Us at 705-720-2393 or email us at to receive a custom discount code.


Washable & Breathable Face Mask

  • Adult Sizing: One size fits all Unique 3D Shape for comfort and fit for a fully adjustable mask
  • It Wears Long to comfortably and fashionably protect your Beard 
  • 100% Cotton Face Mask - 3 Layers Plus Filter Pocket
  • Each mask comes individually packaged with an instruction card on how to hand wash the mask.
  • Our instruction cards also include the specs of the mask and all of our company information.
  • Our Canadian Toggle design also allows you to wear the toggle around your neck. Provides easy on and off convenience. 
  • Prevent Foggy Glasses
  • Triple Layer Protection
  • One size fits all Adjustable Toggle System (Patent Pending) 
  • Product Design Patent Pending
  • Includes a Filter Pocket - Every mask comes with an additional layer, The filter is a hydro knit filter.
  • (You May Purchase more separately)
  • Adjustable Toggle - adjusting to the comfort of your face and head shape. Our toggle is a quick slider. Incredibly easy and won't hurt your ears!
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Purchase our Regular,  Large, or XXL  for Longer Beards.


Our Canadian Toggle also allows you to wear the toggle in several ways, including around your neck, making it incredibly easy and convenient when putting your mask on and off!

Not for medical use

NON-Medical Face Masks

Hwear Plus Inc. The Canadian Toggle supports and promotes social distancing. Encourages hand washing regularly and says use hand sanitizer when in shared common areas. If you are unable to social distance please wear a face covering.